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Group Workshops


Workshops designed to teach small to mid size groups the foundations of the Success Principles.

Teen Workshops


Helping teens navigate a competitive and challenging world. Vision Board workshops, teaching  the benefits of affirmations, visualization and goal setting to achieve desired outcomes.



 "Christine's workshop at my office some months ago was dynamic, riveting, fun and inspiring. As a coach since then, she's indeed been a valuable catalyst. Christine was effective, efficient, frank, very personable approach and skill at bringing her upbeat sense of humor and previous professional experience to the issues at hand are unique and refreshing. She provides much needed clarity about the next action items for which I am responsible and the near and long term goals to which those actions will lead. I look forward to continuing my professional growth with Christine's help." Thomas Martin

" Christine was a tremendous asset to my personal business as a coach. She always gave thorough advice, sound recommendations, and could help me talk through any roadblock. Her energy and enthusiasm for her clients is extremely infectious and very motivating! " Jessi Young

" Christine is a fantastic coach! She digs deep in getting to know you in order to maximize your talents and to understand what is holding you back. I had some real breakthroughs utilizing her services and would recommend her to anyone looking to get to the next level!" Vaughn Hoban 

Personal and Sales Coaching


How often have you stated a goal or thought about making change in your life? Did you start out with lots of energy and motivation, only to find it was hard to continue?

Did you meet or exceed your sales goals last year? 

Are you ready to get to your next level in sales?

 There are very specific steps that I can work with you on achieving those goals.


If you want to feel understood, validated and motivated to accomplish your goals, then I am the right coach for you!

Are you ready to move forward?

Are ready to take control?

Is there a habit you want to add or subtract from you life?

Accountability is the key to achieving your goals...let me be your accountability coach.

I have a proven track record in sales and coaching.


Ready to move here to take step one